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Come listen to weekly discussions about movies, technology, and nerd culture. CJ, Josh, and Brian engage in a relaxed casual conversation that is funny but informative. Come Nerd Out with That Kind of Nerd

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    EP 146: I Want Frodo Sipping A Coke

    This week is a real rollercoaster. Josh gets some sad news during cape talk that he said, "My brain has been scooped by a grapefruit spoon." Nicolas Cage is back in the news and Josh found a terrifying product for this week's "Nerd Degree" SPOILER ALERT We're talking about Ready Player One at the end of the episode.

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    EP 145: Being Cool On The Street Corners

    CJ is sick this week but that hasn't stopped the guys from breaking down the nerdy world. Since is the start of a new month we tell you what movies are worth your time in The Blockbuster. The end of Sharknado is coming (thank God). FX cancels their Deadpool show, Fox pushes back their X-Men movies, and we still don't have an Aquaman trailer yet!

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    EP 144: Favreau, You’re Killing Me Smalls!

    Jon Favreau is apparently out to kill Brian's childhood with cuts to The Lion King. Deadpool 2's new trailer shows off more than just fart jokes. Monthy Python is coming to Netflix. All this and so much more. Stick around after the theme song for some hilarious behind the scenes audio.

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    EP 143: We're Still Toys R Us Kids /Jessica Jones SpoilerCast

    Spoiler for Jessica Jones Season 2 begins at 47:22 AR has taken over "Tech Perspective" this week. We reminisce about Toys "R" Us after it is announced they will be closing all their retail locations. Nick Cage will play Superman in Teen Titans GO! Josh and Brian talk about the new Avengers trailer. Finally, we discuss Jessica Jones Season 2.

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    EP 142: Angry Cape Talk/ Getting To Know Us Better

    This week the nerdy world gave us the gift of trailers. Brian and Josh get angry during Cape Talk over casting news from Wonder Woman. We talk (sort of) about The Oscars and some funny tech news. However, the highlight of the show is a segment where you, the listener, can get to know us better.

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    EP 141: Josh Burns Is Also A Botanist

    This week CJ gets a cruel reminder that he lost a slap bet to Brian and pain is coming his way. HBO shows off a teaser for Fahrenheit 451 and it seems Michael B Jordan likes to burn things. Josh questions if people really want a Flamin' Hot Cheetos movie. Twitter shared the news that the Avengers movie is coming sooner than we thought. Brian isn't afraid of AR Ghosts and we take a look a pillow that is causing "Napping revolution." All this and more this week.

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    EP 140: TKON Talks Black Panther

    The guys are ready to talk about Black Panther! But first, you still need to know what's going on in the nerdy world. We talk about what movies are coming to theatres this March. A trailer for a Project called "TOM and GRANT" If you are an Apple Music Subscriber listen to our list of "Movie Songs" Joss Whedon Exits ‘Batgirl’ Movie Titans casts Drop Dead Diva star as Elasti-Girl
    All leading to our conversation on Black Panther.

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    EP 139: So Much Stinger

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    EP 138: Trailerpalooza LII

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    Cape Talk

    * DEADPOOL 2 Official Trailer
    * Venom Official Teaser
    * ‘Metropolis’ is a new TV series set before Superman becomes Superman

    Screen to screen

    * Super Bowl: the biggest movie and TV trailers
    * A Black Screen Aired For Like 30 Seconds During The Most Expensive TV Time Of The Year
    * ‘ESPN Plus’ streaming service launching this spring for $4.99 per month
    * Game of Thrones’ Executives to Take on Disney ‘Star Wars’ Films

    Tech Perspective

    * Best Buy to Pull CDs, Target Threatens to Pay Labels for CDs Only When Customers Buy Them
    * Amazon to roll out two-hour delivery at Whole Foods to Prime members
    * Mercedes’ Super Bowl challenge broke the internet

    The Nerd Degree

    * Should DC recast the joker like James Bond?

    That’s our show. You can find us on Facebook & Twitter @ThatKindofNerd You can also share your thoughts by calling 484-373-4119. Thank you for making us your walk around the neighborhood or your drive to work.

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