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Come listen to weekly discussions about movies, technology, and nerd culture. CJ, Josh, and Brian engage in a relaxed casual conversation that is funny but informative. Come Nerd Out with That Kind of Nerd

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    EP 163: Is Jason Statham Known for Kicking?

    Josh is away but Brian and CJ are here to break down the nerd world. We also announce what movie we will see for our Patreon Exclusive Episode.

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    EP 162: Confetti In My Ravioli

    Move over Comic-Con we're covering topics that may have fallen through the cracks. Does Liam Neeson have intergalactic powers? Because he is going to be in the next Men In Black. We react to the new Venom trailer Parents Hiring Fortnite Coaches to Help Children Level Up. All this and more this week...

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    EP 161: Unauthorized Cinnamon

    It's time to talk about Comic-Con 2018! Brian has emerged from a self-imposed exile with The BlockBuster for August 2018. MoviePass is broke, Deadwood has 1 line that can disarm Josh with laughter, Homestar Runner is making a board game, and CJ is ranting about an app called "IRL" All this and more...

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    EP 160: Brian is Making up Email Addresses

    Cast This! returns with Fantastic Four. While Comic-Con is going on we're covering topics that may have fallen through the cracks. Buckle up for trailers, trailers, trailers. Finally, why are there 7 Robin Hood movies in the works? All this and more...

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    EP 159: Brian is Full of Falsehoods / Ant-Man and the Wasp

    Brian just can't seem to win over CJ and Josh this week. HBO may be becoming more like Netflix. Smart Tupperware sounds pretty stupid to Josh Give us ALL the Jeremy Renner casting news you have! SPOILERCAST Ant-Man and The Wasp

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    EP 158: I Broke His Heart and His Marriage

    What shows would you like Netflix to save/bring back? We read your comments. We unveil our new segment "Exploring the Amazon" Miles Teller is joining Top Gun 2 and surprise surprise CJ is hypocritical about this franchise getting a sequel. But does Josh approve? Josh apparently hates cereal. We answer a listener call

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    EP 157: Tom Holland is a Leaker

    Jared Leto just won't stop doing comic book movies no one asked for. Halo is finally getting a TV show. Facebook is testing a new feature to help block spoilers... but we noticed a flaw in their plan. Lastly Tom Holland "leaks" the new Spider-Man movie title... but did he?

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    E156: “Behand” we talk about Incredibles 2...

    Google has a new podcast app. Brian has some thoughts on the promise of Pokemon Go. Josh can't believe that people pay to have their bills lowered. CJ is mad at MoviePass over the Gotti movie. The guys seise an opportunity to make fun of CJ with "Behand" SPOILERS for Incredibles 2

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    EP 155: Keep Going Back to That Horse

    Apparently, Brian is a POG master? Josh gushes about his new favorite show... Queer Eye. CJ is waiting for Netflix to add a commentary option to their movies. Brian and Josh go shoe shopping... It's been a weird week.

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    EP 154: Josh is Away, The Nerds Still Play!

    Josh may be away this week but that isn't stopping Brian and CJ from breaking down the nerdy world. CJ gets another reminded of his "slap bet" to Brian about Wreck It Ralph 2, GameStop is going to start selling comic books, and Teen Titans Go! Could save Brian's beloved Teen Titans. All this and more...

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