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Come listen to weekly discussions about movies, technology, and nerd culture. CJ, Josh, and Brian engage in a relaxed casual conversation that is funny but informative. Come Nerd Out with That Kind of Nerd

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    EP 150: Things get a little sticky

    150th Episode! Google is launching an AI that can make phone calls, and CJ has some strong feelings about it. MoviePass is on its last legs and CJ is still trying to get Josh and Brian to join. The guys react to the recasting news for Lethal Weapon (we recorded this on Friday the 11th before the news was final) WOW was Brian right! All this and much more Also be sure to listen to CJ's interview on "Behind the Cut" with friend of the show TD Wehle. [Link in show notes]

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    EP 149: Jamie Foxx Made Me Say This / Infinity War

    SPOILER WARNING for Avengers: Infinity War at 48:44 It seems Brian may be on Jamie Foxx's payroll. CJ and Josh talk about the Sprint/ T-Mobile merger. Amazon is making some changes to Prime membership and Deadpool's marketing machine is working overtime for its release next week. All this and more this episode. Be sure to have your voice on the air by calling 484-373-4119

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    Nerd Byte 4/30

    Brian and Josh are still at the movies (I'm not sure they left) so CJ is here to break down the nerdy headlines.

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    EP 148: I Don't Trust Guy Pearce

    The internet was full excitement this week everything from "Final Trailers" more Netflix asking for your attention. So we went "Screen to Screen" to find what is worth your time. Google wants to change the way Android users text and CJ gets mad and explains how the internet works. All this and much more on this week's episode.

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    EP 147 : We approve this message

    Hope you brought your popcorn because we have movie news! Who knew there was a movie about a heist taking place at a Comic-Con!? We didn't until now and it looks great! MoviePass wants to kill Rotten Tomatoes and it has CJ worried. Speaking of CJ he hasn't seen High Fidelity and it almost breaks JOSH. All this and more on this week's episode.

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    EP 146: I Want Frodo Sipping A Coke

    This week is a real rollercoaster. Josh gets some sad news during cape talk that he said, "My brain has been scooped by a grapefruit spoon." Nicolas Cage is back in the news and Josh found a terrifying product for this week's "Nerd Degree" SPOILER ALERT We're talking about Ready Player One at the end of the episode.

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    EP 145: Being Cool On The Street Corners

    CJ is sick this week but that hasn't stopped the guys from breaking down the nerdy world. Since is the start of a new month we tell you what movies are worth your time in The Blockbuster. The end of Sharknado is coming (thank God). FX cancels their Deadpool show, Fox pushes back their X-Men movies, and we still don't have an Aquaman trailer yet!

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    EP 144: Favreau, You’re Killing Me Smalls!

    Jon Favreau is apparently out to kill Brian's childhood with cuts to The Lion King. Deadpool 2's new trailer shows off more than just fart jokes. Monthy Python is coming to Netflix. All this and so much more. Stick around after the theme song for some hilarious behind the scenes audio.

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    EP 143: We're Still Toys R Us Kids /Jessica Jones SpoilerCast

    Spoiler for Jessica Jones Season 2 begins at 47:22 AR has taken over "Tech Perspective" this week. We reminisce about Toys "R" Us after it is announced they will be closing all their retail locations. Nick Cage will play Superman in Teen Titans GO! Josh and Brian talk about the new Avengers trailer. Finally, we discuss Jessica Jones Season 2.

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    EP 142: Angry Cape Talk/ Getting To Know Us Better

    This week the nerdy world gave us the gift of trailers. Brian and Josh get angry during Cape Talk over casting news from Wonder Woman. We talk (sort of) about The Oscars and some funny tech news. However, the highlight of the show is a segment where you, the listener, can get to know us better.

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