That Kind of Nerd
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Listen to weekly discussions about what is going on in "the nerdy world." CJ, Josh, and Brian engage in a relaxed casual conversation that is funny but informative. It could be Movies, Comics, Technology, or anything that Nerds love. Listen to the show and you'll be That Kind of Nerd.

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    EP 187: Fast At Least Once & Furious All the Time

    Time to look at the movies coming out February 2019... ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Trailer is a new take on the Fast and Furious... Our Question of the week stirs up some controversy... All this and more...

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    Ep 186: Award Nominations "Annunced"

    We're talking about the nominees for the 91st Oscars and The Razzie Awards... New Shazam! Trailer... Matt Smith may be joining the Sony Spider-Man Universe... All this and more...

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    EP 185: Spaghetti Mess Behind The TV

    Brian is away this week but we have a great show for you It's time to talk about the mess behind your TV... John Wick 3, Spider-Man and Ghostbusters all have teasers... Get the most out of your Amazon Prime membership... All this and more...

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    EP 184: Sequel vs Spinoff: The Great Debate

    Who knew an innocent article about bad spinoffs would cause such a debate? BIG TV news out of CES... Netflix can feel like a job... All this and more on this week's episode

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    EP 183: Stop Ruining The Internet /2018 Review

    The nerds are all back together! We talk about the Popsugar Twinning app... Ripley's Believe it or not returning to TV... and 2018 in review... All this and more...

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    EP 182: The Netflix Automobile

    Brian is away but Josh and CJ are ready to tell you what is going on in the nerdy world Netflix has hundreds of secret categories that are hidden from view is it worth looking into? Snapchat has finally done it: There are now AR Lenses for your dog... Disney previews how the Star Wars Millennium Falcon ride will work... All this and more...

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    EP 180: Brian's NPR Voice

    Brian is showing off a different side to his personality... We ask listeners what shows they love to revisit... Could you give up your phone for 1 year for $100,000... Something shocking happens during The Nerd Degree.. All this and more.

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    EP 178: RIP Daredevil, Hello Happy Death Day 2 U

    Josh is sick but it's not stopping CJ and Brian... Netflix cancels Daredevil what does this mean for Disney+..... CJ is really excited about 2 trailers... Stallone retires from Rocky... All this and more...

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